A fun & effective way to learn to build websites, apps, games, and more

150 ACAD for 12 month subscription

Service Description

Code Avengers is a fully dynamic, flexible, online learning service designed to allow users to accomplish a wide array of objectives.

  • Coding and foundational concepts
  • Learn to build websites
  • Learn programming languages
  • Build capabilities for a new career

This service has been used in over 14,000 schools globally by students of all ages to build tech skills. The service is constantly being improved and new content added.

Offer Snapshot

Browser-based Learning Service
Online learning anytime & anywhere

Flexible learning based on individual objectives
Learn a language or build a career

12 month Pro account subscription

Language: English & Spanish

Provider: Code Avengers

Cost: 150ACAD (or $300USD)

About Code Avengers PRO

Bite-sized learning

Pace yourself with learning modules that fit easily into your day and motivate you to practice, finish tasks and meet your goals.

Make & share live projects

Unleash your own ideas! Access to our Interactive Development Environment (IDE) enables you to build a portfolio as you learn and share your work online.

Coding concepts made simple

Go from absolute beginner to a proficient coder with simple, supportive teaching that effortlessly builds knowledge

All learning modules available for PRO users

Academy Token (ACAD) was created with a MISSION to help solve the talent shortage crisis in the BLOCKCHAIN industry through EDUCATION and PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT. To build blockchain developers, executives, related capabilities and the next generation.

ACAD is achieving its mission by bringing the highest quality educational programs in a variety of formats to its community around the world. Programs range from technical short courses, full certification programs, executive education, and related capabilities such as cybersecurity, programming, youth education, etc.

15% of all ACAD redemption in value is allocated towards scholarships, so use ACAD to contribute to the industry and people’s lives!